Where do we go?    " Our Service area is all of Southern California "  /  No airport  or out of state runs.


How to Book a Bus:

  • Start by clicking on our "Availability button."  Then click on the "Free Quote now Button" and then Click on the "Red Book Now Button."  Our website will take your down payment and reserve the bus for you.   It will also send you an emailed confirmation.   You will then get a rental agreement emailed to you within 24hrs.


Service Provided:

  • Bachelor - Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Pub Crawls, sporting events, private functions, hotels,  corporate events, proms, winter formals, Home Comings, Quinceanera and Bat Mitzvah.  We specialize in moving big groups of people.   


Who can ride?

  • Anyone, we have had riders of all ages and walks of life.


How far do we go?

  • We can legally travel 100 air miles from our home terminal in Fountain Valley, CA.  "Can't travel out of State."


What's the minimum time I can rent the bus?

  • We have a 5 hour minimum when used in a limousine capacity.   If hired as a transfer there is no minimum hours.


What is a Transfer?

  •  A transfer is a ride from Pointe "A" to Point "B".   It can also be one way or round trip.  Transfers are typically used for drop of and pickups at concerts and sporting events. 


Can I bring a Keg?

  • "NO"


Can I bring my own liquor?

  • "YES",   "We don't provide liquor for liability reasons, however we have a built in bar on-board every bus."


Can I smoke on the bus?

  • "NO"  ,  "We'll be happy to pull over for you if you need to smoke."   (No Vapes either) 


Do we supply the music?

  • "NO"  ~ Bring your own music.  "Our buses are equipped with Bluetooth stereos and AUX cords."


Is there a restroom on board?

  • All buses have restrooms.


Is there dance poles on-board?

  • "YES" ~ "They are in every bus and we will not remove them unless paid to do so."


Can I drive the bus?

  • "NO"


Drivers Qualifications:

  • All drivers have a commercial "B" license with an "Air Brake, Passenger & SPAB endorsements".   They have a medical evaluations every two years and must pass a physical.   They are all drug tested at random and must pass a drug test to drive.  They are also enrolled in the C.H.P Pull - Notice Program.  This is so we can monitor their current drivers license and infractions. 


Are we licensed & Insured?

  • "YES" ~  "We are licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission"  The C.P.U.C. and our T.C.P - B # is 19458.   We carry the State Mandated 5 Million Dollar Liability Policy.   We are also regulated by the C.H.P. and have an annual terminal inspection.   Our C.H.P. # is 338345

Do you offer package deals?

  • "NO" we are a transportation company, not a concierge service.  "However;  We would be happy to give you helpful suggestions based on our years of experience."


Can I bring my pet?

  • "NO"


Can I bring food?

  • "NO"  


Can I bring a cooler?

  • Yes, but all  coaches have stainless steel built in insolated  ice chests.  Better known as an (Commercial Grade Well) most commonly found in bars and restaurants.  NOTE:  Please bring your own bartending tools as we no longer stock them. 


Can I decorate the bus?

  • "NO"


Can we just drive around?

  • The bus will drive you to your destinations.  If you don't have a destination we'll pick one for you or the bus will park so that you may enjoy its amenities. 


What kind of Payments do you accept?

  • We accept "CASH" only due upon boarding.   If you want to pay the balance via credit card we must have a weeks prior notice to pickup.  There is a 4% merchant fee that will be added to your balance.  This represents the costs associated with running the transaction.  "Absolutely no CHECKS accepted for the obvious reasons."  No, money orders either~! 


Down Payment?

  • This reserves your bus and gets subtracted from your grand total. 


Security Deposit:

  • This is an "Authorization" on the credit card for incidentals.  This is not a charge.  The Authorization generally clears in 3-4 business days depending on your financial institution. 





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